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Humans are those that inhabitant your village in the game Forest Village.
There are three age groups of humans

  • Adults - 9 and over
  • Teenagers - 3 to 9 years old
  • Children - less than 3 years old

  • Humans need Dwellings in which to eat and get warm. Currently Humans will only eat, get warm, and/or start new types of tasks outside their professions when in their own homes. Any humans without a dwelling will pretty quickly either starve or die of hypothermia.
  • Only Adults may serve as Professional workers
  • Teens may attend school but will also sometimes haul food from barns to their houses.
  • Humans 40 and over are considered elderly and can be seen to move more slowly than their younger counterparts.

Types of humans[edit | edit source]

Currently only Citizens exist. Nomads are not implemented in the latest release and Workers are any citizens who've reached adulthood

Diseases[edit | edit source]

Proper precautions will help protect Humans from disease.

  • Pneumonia (infectious) – warm clothing & enough fuel for homes will help keep this at bay.
  • Scurvy – be sure that villagers have a plentiful and varied diet.
  • Plague (infectious) – burn all dead bodies on а pyre to minimize the chance of plague.
  • Rabies (infectious) – If hunters stop animals from entering the village, chances of a rabies outbreak is minimized.

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