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The following is a list of Animals in the game Forest Village.

Animals will also provide your settlement with hides that are necessary for tailors to make warm clothes that will protect people from winter frosts and autumn rains. Clothes are very important – without them inhabitants can get sick and even die in severe frosts.

The population of wild animals will significantly reduce in areas of excessive wood cutting. In bad weather animals can migrate and it will be difficult to track them down, which will inevitably lead to reduction of food stocks, therefore, do not focus on production of only one type of food.

List of Animals[edit | edit source]

Domestic animals[edit | edit source]

  • Cow produces milk and meat eats Grass/Hay
  • Chicken produces eggs and meat, eats Oats
  • Sheep produce wool and meat, eats Grass/Hay
  • Pig produce meat, eat Oats
  • Donkey is used for transport, eats Grass/Hay

Wild animals[edit | edit source]

Animal Meat Hides
Bear 15 meat 4 Hides
Boar 10 Meat
Deer 20 Meat
Fox 1 meat 1 Hide
Moose 25 Meat
Wolf 2 Hides